Rian Ernest


Email: rian.ernest@lawghp.com

Location: Jakarta


Rian Ernest is Of Counsel to GHP Law Firm. With over a decade of experience across three different sectors, Rian brings a unique perspective to the firm and its clients.

Rian began his career as a corporate lawyer at one of Jakarta's top-tier law firms, where he gained extensive experience in corporate and commercial law. He then served as the personal lawyer to a former Jakarta Governor, where he was exposed to the intricacies of public law and government regulations. Rian also has a background in politics, which gives him an insider's understanding of the Indonesian government and its policies.

At GHP Law Firm, Rian leads the Government Focus Group practice area, which provides specialized legal services to clients in relation to government regulations, policies, and procedures. The practice area serves a wide range of clients, including government agencies, state-owned enterprises, private companies, and individuals.

The Government Focus Group advises clients on a variety of matters, such as compliance with government regulations, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, navigating government procurement processes, and resolving disputes with government agencies. The group's expertise extends to a variety of industries, including energy, infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, and mining.

Practice Areas: Government