GHP Law Firm Announces Stellar Team For Asia Cross Country Rally 2023

Representing Indonesia in AXCR 2023 ( Thailand & Laos )

Saturday, 29-07-2023


JAKARTA – GHP Law Firm, renowned for its expertise in corporate transactions and dispute resolutions, is venturing into new terrain by unveiling its formidable team for the much-anticipated Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR) 2023. Representing Indonesia on a global stage, the firm is set to compete amidst world-class rally drivers from dozens of countries.

In a groundbreaking move, Indonesia will witness the exceptional Julian Johan at the helm of the modified Land Cruiser 200, making him the first Indonesian rally driver to master such a vehicle compliant with AXCR 2023 regulations.

Alongside Johan is the skilled and reputable Recky Resanto, ensuring the team's performance is nothing short of extraordinary. Their Land Cruiser, expertly modified for the rally's diverse challenges, stands as a symbol of technical prowess and innovation.

Elevating the team's presence are esteemed co-sponsors BFGoodrich and Motul, both recognized for their dedication to motorsport excellence. These partnerships underscore the team's commitment to performance and endurance, attributes that GHP Law Firm upholds in its legal ventures.

Taking place from 13th to 19th August, AXCR 2023 is expected to captivate audiences with a thrilling route from Thailand to Laos. More than just a race, the rally highlights skill, tenacity, and the adventurous spirit of its participants.

GHP Law Firm's debut in the AXCR reiterates its dedication to excellence, innovation, and leadership, not only in the legal domain but also in championing endeavors that put Indonesia on the world map.


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